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Partnership Registration (Company Law & Tax)

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Partnership Registration

Partnership Registration

A partnership is a type of business structure where two or more partners start an entity to do business. For a partnership to exist, there must always be 2 (Two) or more partners.

In order to register a partnership in Bangladesh, the following information/documents are needed:

  • Proposed partnership name
  • Partnership agreement duly notarized
  • Parts Port Sizes Photo
  • Form I
  • Particulars of the partners
  • Partners Residential address
  • Details of the registered address
  • Percentage of the share of profit of each partner

Register Partnership deed with RJSC

The partnership deed and filled up Form I should be filed with RJSC. These documents will be reviewed by the officials of the RJSC. When the officials are satisfied with the points stated in the partnership deed, he shall record an entry of the statement in a register called the Register of Firms and issue a Certificate of Registration.